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    I've got a WMV file I'd like to get on my kinoma player, but when i look for it thru kinoma director it doesnt pick it up amongst my files, only the mpegs are picked up, do I have to convert it to an mpeg? if so, does anyone know how? any info would be greatly
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    It looks like MS has the WMV format locked down pretty tightly - I wanted to convert some WMVs I've got into Kinoma files, but Kinoma won't read them, and I poked around and couldn't find anything obvious (and free) on my WinXP PC or the Internet to do the job. And as noted in other posts, no WMV players on PalmOS yet...
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    EO-video does it.

    If I remember correctly, it is fre for the first 3 conversions


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