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       #1 I got Ptunes deluxe and have been enjoying shoutcast streams, but now I want to put MP3s on my treo. I bought an SD do I get the songs from the computer onto the SD card? any help would be appreciated...also, when I burn a cd to my computer it always comes up as a WMA file, how can i burn the cd to come up as mp3s? any help would be greatly appreciated...happy new year to all!
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    if you use windows media player to rip, you need to buy the mpg add on pack. Or, use another ripping program like Music Match.

    you can hotsynce the mpg to your treo, just select the destination as the sd card and not the device. This will take you a long time though. Or you can buy either card export ( or a card reader. Either of these are faster than syncing.
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