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    Hey everyone,

    I have a Treo 600 for Sprint and started to notice the following recently:

    * A lot of times, making or receiving a call, I get dead air. The timer is running and I don't hear anything on the other end. Sometimes people call me, and I can hear them speaking but they can't hear me speaking then the other way around. This is using the phone without speaker or headset.

    * I get missed calls that ring once or do not ring at all. Occasionally, it will be a number in my phone book which a name usually shows up; but does not show up, only the number.

    * While using Vision, I specifically notice this when checking/sending mail, my Treo will lose service for a couple of seconds (even in a high-service area) and it will come back and transfer fine.

    * Occasionally, I'll turn on my Treo and it's asking me for my phone lock code (not the Palm security lock, but the actual phone lock), as if my Treo soft reset itself by itself.

    Does anyone experience the same things or can someone tell me why this would happen on the Treo? Is it mine or problems in general? It's making me very frustrated not being able to have a reliable phone. I am using Hardware Rev. B

    Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone else??
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    Bump. Does ANYONE have this????
    My Treo: Treo 650, Sprint CDMA. SW: 1.08, HW: A.
    My Plan: $105/mo for 2000 AT, Unlimited N&W starting at 7pm, Unlimited PCS to PCS, No Roaming Charges in the U.S., Unlimited PCS Vision, Unlimited SMS & PictureMail.
    My Stats: Using an average of 50MB of PCS Vision per month. 2,500+ photos in my PCS PictureMail account. Had a Treo 600 since 10/24/03, switched to a Treo 650 on 1/5/05.
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    Well I too have the dead air, and the occasional 1 ring missed calls. My treo also soft resets itself once a day. I contribute this to the ammount of third party apps and the number of legacy apps that I have.
    As for the dead air, all of my sprint phones have experienced this. The one ring calls can be averted iff you use treo alert manager and sandman in yandem. You must set your alerts to more than 125 second. I hope this helps.
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    Yep, I am in general very pleased with my Treo 600. But it does let calls go straight into voicemail (never rings; people tell me I didn't answer, even though I had the phone in my hand and a "5" signal strength). This is about a third the time! My old Sanyo phone (also Sprint) NEVER did this (same cell number; just changed to the T600 a month ago).

    I also have discovered a major problem in the T600 with the quality of the audio when you're using it in HANDSET mode. It's OK when used in speakerphone mode or with a headset. I've posted another thread/poll (yesterday, Jan 2) on this, other T600 owners are starting to confirm it.

    This thing got to market without adequate Q.A. !!!

    Still love it, but will be expecting an exchange sometime later this year, after they get their hardware squared away (from PalmOne)... one way or the other!

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    If you guys are using an e-mail program that checks your mail every so often automatically, this might explain your problem. If someone tries to call while the phone is checking your mail in the background, it will go straight to voicemail. I noticed this on my phone and turned off the automatic checking feature. Just a suggestion...

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    I don't have background e-mail checking because my phone gets a text message when I get a new message...

    ...but something new I've been noticing is when I attempt to make a call, I'll hear nothing but my echo. No ringing, no other person; and worst of all, the call does go through.

    Is that the Treo or is that Sprint service?
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    I went by the main/large Sprint store in San Francisco this afternoon and asked their main tech about this. He said, very definitely, "Sir it is not the Treo at all, it is the service that is missing your call". I politely listened and then went back thru the facts with him: I have owned a total of six (6) different Samsung, Sanyo, and Handspring phones all on the same Sprint service/telephone number. Consistently, they have been the only carrier where I *do not* have this problem (missing calls when in range, strong signal, etc; calls going to voicemail, or to "nowhere", etc.). This is why I have been using Sprint instead of the other carriers (I've tried them all). Anyway, I patiently explained, that after 2 years on Sprint, with all these other phones, it was ONLY after I started using the Treo 600 a month ago, that suddenly I have all these problems with people calling me, and the phone not ringing, but instead going straight into voicemail - or in some cases, to just dead air. Even when I'm testing it, holding it in my hand, with nothing else going on and a max RF signal strength reading. And I have no other email/data app running which might be tieing up the data link (my Snapper mail isnot configured to auto-check the POP servers; and this started well before I installed it yesterday).

    Anyway, the tech looked at me and said, "Yeah, but I know how all this stuff works and it's not the Treo". I said, "well, maybe you need to explain it all to me, then". After we left the store, I noticed when I walked back by 20 minutes later, the tech was outside having cigarettes. We went over to Oakland for a few hours, and when we returned, he was *still* outside smoking. Ha

    The other thing is, now that I think of it... the Treo 600's speakerphone quality (incoming side) is quite poor. A lot of distortion, probably 10-15% audio distortion level. Very poor implementation.

    Starting to think I may end up putting this thing on eBay, and going back to my Sanyo phone plus a T3 high-res Palm device!
    Handspring turning over support to Sprint, and having so many design quality issues, is really a slap in the face to a user who has paid $600, top-$, for this kind of device. Even $400 you would expect much better product quality and support. Not to mention it is a low-res, 160x160 display. And the flat-out LIE about the reason for that... the BACKLIGHT for the display requires all the power... many hi-res devices have amazing battery life.


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