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    As a past t3 and current t6 user, I've been leaning on Blazer heavily for internet browsing. But I've been reading about other browsers that may provide a better experience and I wanted to get the comments on which may be better suited for text only, wap sites, full browsing experience etc. I've also been trying to find the elusive WebPro 3-Treo 600-hacked version, to no avail. Any thoughts and links on this subject will be greatly appreciated! Oh and Happy Holidays all!
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    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    I've checked out that post and I've checked Google for the Hacked version, but as I stated, I couldn't find it. Do you know have a link to the hacked version? Also, are there any other browsers that are capable on the T600? TIA.

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    In that thread is a link to the hacked version in this forum:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Millerhifi, thanks for your persistence. I did find the link, but it doesn't seem to work on my t6. It keeps telling me that I'm not authorized to use it and the 5way doesn't work with it.

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