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    Any reason why my Treo 600 shouldn't interpret an incoming (via SMS) VCARD as an address book record?
    I searched for VCARD on the forums here, and one thread said Palm used VCARD as a standard and has been using it since many years ago.
    So then why do I only receive an SMS that looks like this:



    N:John Doe



    instead of something like "Would you like to add the attached VCARD record to your address book?" as I would on a Nokia cell phone?

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    Unfortunatly Treo SMS application does not suppor it so far.. I am also looking for an application to support Treo SMS for VCARD.
    How ever there is an other application whihc could support VCARD for Treo Agendus

    But I only need VCARD reader.. I am not interested in all the others facilites comes with that

    May be some one else can help???

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    You may want to try SMSAddress

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