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    A good and useful 'Today' app ala the Pocket PC is the killer productivity app and the missing UI link on the Treo 600. I have great ideas for one- honed in many years of Masters education in Human Computer Interface design and just general practical experience.

    If you are a developer and want to make one for us for fun and profit or just as GPL or freeware- reply with a post and I will contact you.

    Many of us have asked for it- none of us have found it. Sound like an opportunity? Smart people would say, 'Uh, yeah, sure'. Bring it on! I'm waiting.

    - JG

    BTW- I am asking for capable developers to get it done. I want it and many do as well. Reply only if you have capabilities and will do it.
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    Out of curiosity, why wouldn't the "Today" screen on Agendus 7.0 suffice?
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    Although not treo 600 optimized, it works pretty well. Download it here: it's also freeware, although you can make a donation if you like.

    My major gripes with it:

    1) It slows down your Treo turning on by about 2-3 seconds.
    2) The email tab doesn’t actually count the email in whichever app you happen to be using for email on the Treo, I think it was designed for older palms that you synced email from the desktop on.

    I bet if we got enough people to donate $$ to this guy so he could buy himself a Treo 600, he could write a killer application for the Treo, that would incorporate the "alerts" that everyone has so much trouble checking off in the upper left corner of the screen.

    There is a similar post about forcing digital roam collecting $$...

    Let us say $10 a person, and I'll start the pot myself....

    I would be happy to be point person on this and contact Jonas the developer and see if he is interested.

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    Originally posted by modma
    Out of curiosity, why wouldn't the "Today" screen on Agendus 7.0 suffice?
    I don't think it's possible to have PPC style today's screen since that requires multi-tasking and built in OS service.

    In PPC today plug-ins are really a place to hold mini applications. The variety is wide, not just collecting basic appointment and todo list.

    most popular plug-ins are basic utility (such as launcher, battery memory etc), PIM, rss feed (news, weather, stock), and various fun and games.

    the more exotic plug ins can be as practical as travel reminder and stop smoking tutor all the way to full blown app environment like flash animation. Most big popular apps have some sort of today's plug in. (AgendaFusion, Quickmoney, etc)

    here are some listing samples:
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    Try using Facer. There's tons of skins for it and you can customize any way you like....
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    dammit I can't download either one because of palmgears retarded mobile site I HATE PALMGEAR
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    Horsmanp- I tried contacting Jonas to suggest some enhancements. His email does not work- there is no other contact info available for him that I can find. If you know him, contact him and lead the charge. Good luck.
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    Looked at them all- Facer is a nice try, but not even close. Does calendar and todo, but nothing else except for Cliemail and Versamail.

    Can even select the entries on the screen with the Nav Pad as best as I can tell.

    Bottom line is, that there is NO Today app for the Treo 600. One is needed by us all.

    Wassup has a kinda Today screen, but not for Treo 600. I emailed the developer of it and have not heard back.

    Shimon Shnitzer may have one in the works- from TakePhone.

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