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    Is there anything like PocketTV Browser that you can download with a Mac?

    And is PocketTV Browser worth the money?
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    Originally posted by sftreo
    ... is PocketTV Browser worth the money?
    Most definitely. The guy behind it is the most customer-focused developer I've encountered in years. Plus, it's a profoundly user-friendly app. I use it to check for classic movies. A tap gets it in the datebook, with one more quick tap on the same screen to add an alarm if desired. You can pick the channels you care about to download, ignoring the rest; keyword/name search; segregate types of programs, i.e., all movies, sports, documentary, news, etc.
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    I second that. The developer keeps a close eye on the website and forums, and his responses and updates are mighty quick. That said, the procuct is remarkably addictive. You can download up to 7 days of programming and it has program synopsys, cast, time, length, etc. It's also an interactive tv guide. Go to a movie, see that, say, Meg Ryan is in the film. You want to see everything in those 7 days that Meg Ryan is in-tap her name and voila! all Meg Ryan movies for seven days. It also will give you all of the showtimes for a particular show for the days you've downloaded.
    It's got so much more, but that's some of it.
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    Oh, and if you see a show you want to watch later, you can tap the "heart" button and it will transfer to your calendar!
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    I am confused: I visited, and my understnading is that this is for MS Windows powered devices (PDA, smartphones) only. Did I miss something? Is there a palm version?

    Please let me know. Sounds really interesting!!

    Thanks. D.
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    unfortunately, this is not compatible with Macs. I was all pumped up for this too. Bummer that it can't be stand alone (on the Palm) or rely on the database being on the web somewhere, like Vindigo does!
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    OK, but where is the PC version for Palm? Can't find it...

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    sorry, dude; i was only answering your second question in my excitement!
    dbouchon-the website is actually
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    That's great, thanks!!!!


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