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    Does getting access to your computer files or outlook program require an exchange server. That is what I assumed, but was told otherwise by a Sprint Vision expert. She explained that it comes with a program that when installed on your computer can act as a server. Does the program they have function in a similar way to an exchange server even with a dynamic ip?
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    Access to your computer files does not require an exchange server. There is an app that you have to have running on your computer that will take care of the file stuff. I think it will work with a dynamic IP because it is actually talking to a Sprint server (which your Treo talks to).
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    Thank you. Do you know if I will also have access to outlook?
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    I don't think the software can access the local Outlook mailbox, so if you are pulling IMAP or POP email into Outlook, you can't access the mail from your computer. You can sync with those servers with BC, but I think it will be seperate from your computer's view of the server.
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    Originally posted by NYCortex
    Thank you. Do you know if I will also have access to outlook?
    Yes, you will have access to your desktop's LOCAL Outlook Inbox. You can set the BC app up on the T600 to fetch/pull/push/etc. email from your POP/IMAP email server or you can have BC "push" email to you as it arrives in your desktop Outlook inbox. The latter option is what I have elected to have done (I'm not running a MS Exchange Server either, using BC with my laptop at home on a broadband connection). I have Outlook check multiple email accounts and deliver all my emails to the same Inbox in Outlook. BC then accesses my desktop Outlook inbox and replicates it on my T600. Any change I make on the desktop or on the T600 is reflected on the other (i.e. if I delete an email on my T600, it ends up in the "deleted items" folder in my desktop Outlook). Furthermore, by logging onto (which Sprint has nicely optimized for the T600's screen) on my T600 using Blazer, I get access to all my subfolders in Outlook.

    In short, with BC, you most defintely have nearly up-to-the-minute realtime access to your desktop's local Outlook inbox, which is the primary reason I use BC. I don't like to leave my email on the POP/IMAP servers so I tell Outlook NOT to leave a copy of my emails on the servers so all my emails are solely on my Outlook desktop inbox. BC gives me wireless access to my Outlook inbox and I just find that invaluable.
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