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    Every once in a while, my entire list of AIM contacts shows up as on line when I know they are not. (The status of the user says "Not Subscribed" or something like that along the bottom of the screen.) If I go back into AIM setup and click on the check mark, the list resets and the online status is corrected. I am using (Changed back after the latest beta seemed to be causing resets.)
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    Hi, Laurie. I haven't seen this myself, so I'd be interested to hear whether others have seen this. Question: If it says "Not Subscribed" (not sure what the text is either) at bottom, in what way does it show them as "online"? I'm not sure I understand where the conflicting information is.

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    Hey Marc
    The names all show up in color on the contacts list with AIM in color (orange) next to their name rather than the plain black text. Also, the area on the bottom where it says "Not Subscribed" is in a green block rather than red (offline) or white (e-mail). I was sending messages to my daughter because I saw the green status block on my screen but didn't pay attention to what it actually said (Not Subscribed) until I realized she wasn't even logged on.

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