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    I doubt he will release just the patch. With several "call filtering" apps out there, it will be features like this that will seperate callfilter from the pack.
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    The version of callfilter that fixes the answer/end button not working with the Treo 600 is available commercially now of still in beta? I have version 1.1 and don't see a setting related to the Freespeak. Left a number of messages and emails in other forums and with Vware but no replies yet. Maybe it's the long weekend. I'm running out of time for returning my headset. I would be greatful for any info on the availability of a fix for this. I like the Freespeak headset but it doesn't make a lot of sense to keep it if the answer/end function won't work with my 600.

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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    did you all came across a problem using callfilter where the t600 stopped getting calls? I did and when I read the text on it said t600 has a bug that would at times would prevent the phone from ringing... had to delet my callfilter...
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