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    I just spent a few days in a place where the signal was marginal, and my Treo 600 (Sprint) battery lasted about 12 hours. The reason: when the phone loses signal or the signal reappears, it wakes up. The display shows the "keyguard" message, but instead of going away after ~5 seconds, the phone sticks in this state (with the backlight on) for several minutes -- resulting in a massive battery drain.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a work-around or software update to fix this problem?

    (Other complaints about keyguard: The current applications doesn't actually get CPU cycles while keyguard's message is displayed, e.g. making clock applications display an old time, not the current time. It's also a waste to have the right-hand launcher button is permanently set to keyguard, when it doesn't seem to do anything different from turning the phone off with the button on top.)

    Any advice (or sympathy) greatly appreciated...!
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    You can remap the 4th power button to something else in Prefs->Buttons, Opt+Button on it is also a waste.
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    12 hours?? and you think that is bad?? I'll trade you for my 300!!

    First question - Do you have Business Connect, Visto, Treomail, or any other e-mail application that can do background syncs?

    This sounds like you e-mail program doing it's scheduled backup when your radio finds coverage.
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    I hadn't thought about the waking up issue being related to an e-mail program. The only things I've installed (beyond the defaults) are Bob's Alarm and the palmOne POP3 beta e-mail application.

    Does anyone know if the stay-awake-on-signal-status-change bug is in this e-mail application (vs. the Treo firmware)?

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