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    For the past couple of months I've been using the Business Connection/Personal Edition with my Treo300.

    Overall, I like it because it pushes my email to the Treo on a periodic basis and is available with a single touch of the email button on the lower right of the device. The problem is, when the email comes in, it interrupts my phone calls with a beeping tone for each email that comes in.

    If I am on a call, I would rather it not do the push or do it in the background. Any suggestions? I have not found a way to turn this beep tone off other than muting the ringer--not a very slick solution.
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    I have a similar problem. Using NotifyLink, once I receive a call it starts "catching up" with any emails and sends them to me at once, making a conversation impossible. This has happened often in the past week or so, but nothing on the phone has been changed (nothing installed, etc). Is anyone else experiencing this or have any solutions for it? Starting to drive me nuts!

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