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    I'm really disappointed with my Treo 600 (GSM version) : it is completely unreliable. This week I missed more than 10 calls, missed 2 alarms etc.

    I had one of the first Treo 180's, then changed quickly to the Treo 270. I never had communications problems with these devices.

    I like the design of the Treo, it's performance, but the most important thing I expect from the Treo is that I'm reachable for calls and SMS and that the alarm app (Bob's Alarm) works (make a sound).

    It didn't work well when I bought it and since I did the firmare upgrade it's getting worse.

    Although the "signal" sign is still a green arrow, I'm often not connected to GPRS, but when I then check and make a phone call (with another phone) to my GSM number I immediately get the voice mail. I always have to disconnect (which last for hours!) and then reconnect to get it fixed (for a few hours).

    Although I'm a big Treo fan since the beginning, I think I'll switch back to normal GSM phones.
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    I don't believe your experiences are the "norm" though - I don't have any of those issues that you are reporting.

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    I have not experienced any of the problems either. I have GSM unit as well with the FW upgrade. The only time I did not receive a call was when I had one of mail applications fetching mail in the background. In these cases it was understandable.

    I have installed quite a bit of 3rd party software and have encountered some apps that do not play nice with OS5. In all cases removing the apps solved the problem.
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    Sounds like you either have a software conflict or a defective unit. I would try to figure out what wrong before you return it...
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    Try a hard reset. I do a hard reset and power drain reset on one of mine, and it solve miss call and alert problem. At least for until now.
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    My treo's radio keeps resetting itself, I'd say about every 5 minutes. This makes it totally unreliable if you want to get a call or be able to browse the internet for a couple minutes. However, I did call Handspring and they sent me a replacement. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I'd suggest you try to do the same.
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    I like the design of the Treo, [snip] but the most important thing I expect from the Treo is that [snip] the alarm app (Bob's Alarm) works (make a sound).

    From the readme.txt that comes with BobsAlarm:

    9. TREO 600 USERS---------------------------------------------------------
    There is a bug in the Treo600 that prevents simple sounds from being played correctly. Eventually, ALL simple sounds will not play on the device until a soft reset has been completed. The "Bob's tones" sounds are simple sounds, and are not recommended for Treo600 users. Use the MIDI tones option instead.
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    Sounds to me like you are just in a weak signal area.

    If it is going to your email, then there is no signal.
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    no, not a weak signal area : my son uses my old Treo 270 now and never has problems. The thing is getting worse now, I need to reconnect every hour!!
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    My experience with the Cingular GSm phone was just like yours. In my area, I dropped more calls in one week than I did in one year with Verizon. I thought it was a phone issue, so I asked and Cingular gave me a new phone. The issues didn't change. I attributed it to the service.

    I subsequently purchased the Sprint (CDMA) phone and have had excellent results.
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    I can't speak to the GSM problems - I use Sprint and haven't experienced anything like what you are referring. I too would recommend that you get the unit replaced.

    Another note on Bob's Alarm - the current version of Bob's alarm (2.02) has been optomized for the Treo 600 and has overcome the technical sound glitch of the T600 that was referred to in this post earlier.

    It's inexpensive ($5) and it works very well. It only vibrates a few times but if not turned off vibrates again in 60 seconds. I would like to see them have a configuration for how long the alrm vibrates (i.e. 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds) but even without that I think you would probably find it acceptable.

    Give it a try:

    Bob's Alarm author interaction site

    Bob's Alarm 2.02 Zip

    It's a great little alarm program for those who are looking for one.

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    I am on sprint and I love my treo 6oo. I have never missed a call, the reception and sound are great. I wounln't trade it for anything! Take care, Jay
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