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    I eagerly bought a Treo 300 when they came out in Aug. 2002, and I've enjoyed it with the understanding that as an early adopter, I had to live with the consequences. So when the 600s arrived, I wanted one like everyone else. But I couldn't quite justify the upgrade. Now I'm glad I resisted.

    I've read this 600 board frequently, living vicariously through you guys. And what have I found? Like the Treo 300, the honeymoon was great but look closely at the last several weeks:

    -- Basic hardware problems are surfacing;
    -- Sprint is getting better but still really doesn't get data (read SMS);
    -- Users have to struggle with core software.

    I could go on but you get my point. Don't get me wrong, I am a strong proponent of these devices. I just think that for the money, we're getting short changed. Let's face it, the 300 was a beta device and because of the many changes to the 600, it is too.

    We need Blackberry-like stability with both the hardware and software. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening anytime soon.
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    I don't know if the posters on this board are a proper cross-section of the Treo 600 community because most of the time happy customers don't really post, but I guess it could be argued that if you are a happy Treo 300 user, the upgrade from a Treo 300 to a Treo 600 is much more incremental than coming from a two-device configuration to a Treo 600. Even though you are getting OS5, more memory, faster processor, much improved 5-way navigation and one-handed operation, better screen, better form factor and of course an SDIO slot for memory and other devices, it may not seem worth it pricewise if your Treo 300 is keeping you happy.

    I can't speak for others, but I have had no problems with the hardware or workmanship on my treo. It feels very sold and substantial and survived my first couple of drops.

    I wouldn't equate "getting data" with SMS. SMS is a feature that Sprint missed the bus on way back when they were setting up their digital network, but are making steps to fix. However, their unlimited data plan is one of the most competively priced out there and a must for anyone getting the Treo on sprint IMHO. If you don't like sprint in any case, you can get the phone from Cingular or AT&T or, in the future, T-mobile. Oh yeah, Sprint customer service still sucks.

    Most of the stability problems people are having appears to be coming from third-party apps that don't play nice with OS5.
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    As a user of both the Sprint and GSM versions of the 600, I have to disagree with at least the degree to which you are making the problems sound. Compared with the issues with the 270/300, the 600 is at least an order of magnitude better. I think this is as flawless a device as you could get. I wouldn't have recommended the 270 to someone who isn't quite techie, but I would recommend the 600 without hesitation to someone like that, if they had the money to spend.

    I think you may be getting a distorted image by reading this board. The circulation of these devices is FAR greater than the previous generation and, while some problems are inevitable, this represents a much smaller portion of the devices out there than the case was with the previous generation.

    Blackberries are effectively closed devices given how few 3rd party software titles you can find for them. If you want to get close to Blackberry reliability, don't install any software on the devices and use one of the many email solutions, but then a Blackberry would probably be better for you since you won't be using many of the device's features.

    As for the argument that you should get a flawless device because of the price, look at PC's and Mac's. You can pay a lot of money for them and get tons of issues to deal with right out of the box, depending on what you connect them to or install on them.

    Bottom line, with an open device and the freedom to install any software you can find comes issues the user has to deal with. If you want close-to-flawless performance, then don't add anything to the device or get a simpler one.

    Also, if you want SMS, use GSM where the feature has existed for years.
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    I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE my Treo 600
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    Sorry, but I don't agree with you. The Treo 600 is a great piece of equipment, I love it. I have seen no problems with the hardware, or the core applications , I might not like them, so, yes, people add a lot of third party software to truely customize the device. I'd like to see you use your PC or Mac straight out of the box with out adding/customizing anything...
    I loved my Treo 270 also, and never had a single problem with it.
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    I agree with most of your points, but you are coming at it from the wrong direction.

    First, let's face it, the Treos will never be as stable as the Blackberry devices. Why do I say this? Because Handspring does not control the device from end to end.

    When you design a device from the ground up to serve one specific purpose, it's easy to have it be stable. The blackberry was designed just like that. RIM contols the hardware, the software, and the enterprise software behind it's devices.

    Handspring does its best to take a "generic" core and modify it to fit to a particular purpose. The OS was never intended to function as a mobile phone in its origional iteration, and thus everything had to be added in after the fact. This patch job, and that is what it really is, will have to go through years and years of modification just to be 100% stable.

    Second, the Treo was designed to be a mass marketed device. The Blackberry was designed to be marketed to corporations. There are different weights to different features here. Corporate customers are very concerned with stability, and as much concerned with cost. Home power users are more concerned with capabilities and price point.

    Third, Sprint is only one option for service. AT&T, Cingular, and T-Mobile (soon) are others.

    Finally, if you want Blackberry like stability, go buy a Blackberry. If you want the features of the Treo, buy the Treo. If you cant take the shortcomings, wait, and maybe eventually something will come out and be perfect for you. Until then there is going to be a silent majority happily using a Treo 600.
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    I'm a happy customer! It's my first treo; it's not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's the coolest thing out so far.

    I mean, I used to use a sanyo 5300, which has some phone features that are better than the treo 600; and I used to use a Zire 71, which also had some pda features that are better than the treo 600.

    HOWEVER, the treo 600 is the only device that merges all of the necessities into one mighty cool package. So, if it's a little lacking in certain areas, I'm sure the next model will correct some, if not all, of these deficiencies.
    And when a new model comes out, I will be among those salivating to get my hands on it!

    In the meantime, me and my treo are inseparable!!
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    I jumped on the 300 the moment it came out, and while I loved it I came to learn that it had major problems. So I was a little more cautious with the 600 - I waited 2 weeks! Anyways, its superiority over the 300 was immediately evident to me. It is truely an awesome piece of hardware.

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    All good points but I still maintain we deserve just a little better. Unfortunately, I worked in the wireless industry for several years and have seen devices, software and technology that are still on the horizon. It's a curse, really, because my expectations are so high. I get frustrated at how slow this industry moves. And when you pile on the bugs and general unreliability, it gets discouraging.

    Sorry, don't mean to bring you down, enjoy your Treo 600s. They're fine devices -- indeed one of the best. Personally, I'll wait for the next gen -- or until my Treo 300 lid breaks again!
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    Every industry moves slow.

    I want a BMW 2 Series
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    There is always going to be something better coming out. Otherwise companies would go broke because no one would upgrade. Right now it is the best thing going. Look at the awards it has captured so far. I have had no problems with the hardware or software. The 5 way navigation is great, too bad right now not many apps are compatible. Very stable, much better than my old Samsung i330. The Samsung was a piece of $%&* IMO that is one reason I waited on the i500 till the Treo came out. I used to have a treo 180 when it first came out. Aside from being monochrome I loved it very simple and stable even overclocked to the max. It is missing a few things; better speakerphone, voice memos and dialing, and a hi res screen. I could care less about the camera. I doubt a phone camera will ever take the place of a good digital camera. With each new feature comes sacrifice i.e. battery life. I love it the best gadget I have ever owned.
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    I'm curious, MobDave, about your point and intent with this thread - your basic message, if I get it correctly, is that the 600 is indeed a fine device, but that, due to the price and general technological capabilities available in today's market, that we 'deserve more'.
    I'm always puzzled by these types of comments - 'we deserve more' and the one by ZipMitz in his intolerable thread of 'I was wronged by HS since the TMo version is taking so long to come out'. The hard reality is that as consumers we are owed nothing and deserve nothing more than what we get from a product. In our free market economy, YOU make the decisions with your pocketbook - once you decide to buy something, then you have decided the product/service is worth of your money. If you don't want the product (meaning, that company doesn't DESERVE your money), that that's up to you. But to say that we 'deserve' more from a product is changing what should be a cold, calculating decision process into an intensely personal one, and one that most marketing folks will not go along with.
    Don't get me wrong - I hear what you're saying. I <think> you're saying that HS/PalmOne could do a better job with the product, and I'm sure new and better versions are already in the pipeline, but so say that we 'deserve better' is a misapplication of market forces - it's YOUR money that PalmOne has to prove THEY deserve. I think you have it backwards, is all I'm saying. We get what they give us, and then you make the decision as to what to buy - if you don't want something, don't buy it, but don't say you deserve something better. The market will decide what survives, in the end.
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    You may be able to rationlize about problems you've heard of in order to save yourself a few bucks but you are totally missing the boat. The Treo 600 is truly awsome because of its integration, design, and speed. I use it for everything and it has never let me down. It is a solid, well-built, meticulously planned device that really works.
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    -- Basic hardware problems are surfacing;
    I haven't had any major problem...yet

    -- Sprint is getting better but still really doesn't get data (read SMS);
    Don't use the Sprint version. Btw, what you mean "doesn't get data?" There's a couple solutions for sms and Sprint is supposed to roll out sms next week (hopefully) anyway.

    -- Users have to struggle with core software.
    Again, I'm not sure what you're refering to? THe basic PIM apps? For email, just get the HS beta client, snappermail or chatter for IMAP...
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    Treo600SMS will solve all of your SMS woes for SprintPCS.

    Not perfect, but that's Sprint's fault. But I message TMobile folks all the time with it with no hassles, problems.
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    I am a happy owner of my t600 for about 3 months now and i love it I have only good things ot say about it and sprint! take care, jay
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    I've been a Sprint customer for over two years now, and I've been generally pleased with their service. As for the SMS issue, I admit, it's a bit of a pain having to use Sprint's ShortMail option to send SMS messages, but it works. And works well, I might add. I've never had problems sending messages to phones on other carriers. It's slower and cumbersome, but it gets the job done. And since we'll very likely have this issue resolved in January with true SMS functionality, this smooths over the only sore spot I've had with Sprint's service. I've been enjoying unlimited internet access since I got my first contract two years ago - none of the other carriers can come anywhere close to what I'm getting for the money, and don't even offer unlimited data services in our area yet.

    As for the Treo 600, I've owned just about every multi-function device that's come out. All the rest of them rode in my pocket for a while and then saw their day on EBay. The 600 is the only one I've ever owned that works as advertised, and provides me with an all-in-one device that's easy to use and amazingly stable. I think I've only had mine reset once in the three months I've owned it. Yeah, I'd like a higher res screen, but it gets the job done and does it quite well.

    It's done for me what I've always wanted to be able to do - carry my office in my pocket, and leave my laptop at home. It's truly made life much easier and convenient, from email to balancing my checkbook. I love it.

    Just my two pennies.
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    Almost everyone in this thread echoes my sentiments exactly...the Treo 600 is a great piece of work. It's not the end-all, be-all but it's VERY close! I love it!
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    Originally posted by MobileDave
    I just think that for the money, we're getting short changed.
    I tend to agree with you. However, IMHO it is us the consumers who are making the rules. And consumers have decided that they will accept new products, test them, and provide "feedback" when needed. Look at Microsoft. They always release products that IMHO are "beta" versions. It is up to us to work out the bugs. I don't think it should be this way, but, the majority rules and if people are buying the products then they are not going to wait for me.

    As far as the Treo 600...I am happy as hell!!! I upgraded from the Kyocera 6035, which, I used for 2 years. So needless to say, I am in heaven. Problems? None. Why? Here are my rules before trying any add-on hardware or software:

    1. Find it.
    2. Research the developer/manufacturer's website.
    3. Search this forum. If there are any bugs, 95% of the time it has already been discussed here.
    4. Test only one application at a time. Once you know is working properly then you should attempt to test another.

    Also, I've been with Sprint since 1999. No landline. Happy.

    I will probably have the Treo 600 for 2 years. By that time hopefully they will either get rid of the big antenna or add a retractable bottle opener to it.

    Just my opinion.

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    * This post is a money issue, not a Treo 600 issue.


    You don't even own the phone and you are basing the post on hearsay.

    It is costly and not for the masses, but if you are simply not willing to spend the dough, there is no need judge it so hastily, particularly when you haven't even used one.

    I have had mine for a month and find it working as advertised and indispencable!
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