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    I choose in Avantgo the option to put the synch files to the SD card, but notice now that synching Avantgo is very slow (used to take less than a minute, and now takes more than 20 minutes).
    I have not changed my channel choice.

    Although I understand SD momery is slower to access, have you guys had the same experience? Any work around?


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    I experienced the same issues and, after 2 days of suffering with both the synchronization slowness as well as the slowness in accessing content once it was on the device, moved the content off the SD card and back into main memory and started searching for other things to move onto the SD card instead.
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    OK, thanks.

    Will do that as well.

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    Following MarkBos's advice, I did change AvantGo's prefs to store the offline pages to the main memory and not to the SD card.
    Now, synching is back to its normal duration (i.e. about 1 minute to synch AvantGo).

    However, the difference of access time between the main memory and the SD card does not explain the huge time AvantGo takes to synch to the SD card. My feeling is that this is an AvantGo bug.

    Any idea? Explanation? Work around?


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    The best solution would be to sync the files in ram and then move them to SD card afterward. There is an app called Avantage from Toysoft that will automaticaly do this, but it's not a freeware solution...
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    ePocrates is slower than hell on the T600's SD card
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    Toysoft's solution for vindigo stinks. It lets you move the entire application over to the SD card and back, but doesn't let you divide it -- e.g. keep the program and your home city in main memory and have a set of other cities available, after a short download. Moreover, you still have to move the application back to main memory to use it, which is painful. Thumbs down.

    I haven't tried the Avantgo application.
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    I have a solution.. give up on Avantgo :-) I have.. and havnt looked back. Isilo and Plucker compensate and exceed all the capabilities of Avantgo.
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