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    I did some research on this site and found some interesting threads, but nothing really clear about the best solution to enable output (i.e. reading Web pages, reading e-mails, reading SMS) and input (writing e-mails, writing SMS, writing web forms) in Japanese.

    I understand there are 3 solutions:
    - J-OS
    - CJKOS
    - Xiino (a Web browser available in Japanese)

    I also read that J-OS is great for output, but does not support input, and that the best thing for the Treo 600 is to implement J-OS and CJKOS at the same time.

    My questions would be:
    - are there some other solutions?
    - if the best solution is to implement both J-OS and CJKOS, how should I proceed? Is there a specific order I should follow when installing both applications? (i.e. should I install J-OS first and then CJKOS? or the other way?)
    - what about Xiino?
    - is there something else I should know? Something else useful for using Treo 600 in Japanese?

    If that can help, I am on Sprint.


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    J-OS certainly does handle input, at least it did in Palm OS 3.5.

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has this running on OS5, though.
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    Thnaks for the answer.

    I have read on some other forum (in Japanese) that the best configuration for the Treo 600 is to install both J-OS and CJKOS, and to use tapmail as mail client.

    Has anybody else used that configuration? Any advice?



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