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    I installed the Verichat app, however I can't seem to be able to get a security code. Every time I try to connect to get an security code, I get an error message stating that the PDA Apps authentication IMserver cannot be reached, please try again later. This has been going on for two days now. Can it be that this port is blocked on T-Zones? Any way to fix this if so? How do you switch ports?
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    I'm having this problem, too. Does anyone have a solution for those trying to use Verichat on the included T-mobile T-zones plan (i.e., the one included with all plans)?
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    I would find it very likely that the appropriate port is not open for T-Zones. Has anyone reported that they were able to get Verichat working over T-Zones only?
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    Any news on that issue? Can anything be done with a proxy?
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    You will need the 19.99 plan to use verichat on t-Mobile this plan has full internet access. T-zones has I believe 4 ports open http, pop3, smtp, and imap. If you need more than to check youe email and brown the web via wap or http pages then you need the 19.99 plan. This plan will allow you to use verichat and other apps that require access beyond those 4 ports. This has been an age old debate on in the tmobile section. You can read there about it. If you need the service I would advice that you pay for it so you can use the apps for the treo600 that are not on the phone when you bought it.
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    Thanks Ainvar,

    I've seen the different discussions. The reason I decided to post its because what I read (which is what you say) is not consistent with what I see on my T180 phone.

    I added the free WAP service by calling T-mob (absolutely no T-zones or other data plan) and I get :

    1. POP3/SMTP email on my email Client (One-Touch)
    2. HTTP and WAP web browsing on Blazer (after I enter a proxy in the settings)

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