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    Hmm, I can't quite think of a proper way to word this, but here goes

    Now, many of us obtained our t600s via HS' (or should i say palmone's?) upgrade plan (whether or not it was a legitimate upgrade).

    As users of the treo, we're still in touch with HS much more than with any other phone. OS upgrades, tech support, etc. (I've had several phones and never had to contact pana, moto, etc.) I don't know, it just seems like we paid for our phone, showed our loyalty to HS by upgrading, does anyone think we would be able to obtain unlocks from HS themselves? Perhaps a group petition or email, something of that nature. I just think that it may be worth a shot (personally, my treo is in the mail due to a problem with shipping... so I wouldn't be the best person to do such a thing)

    Probably already been considered, but just thought I'd voice my thought just in case
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    My local Sprint store gave me my MSL, for free. I bought it from Best Buy. Maybe because I didn't use a Sprint "re-bait".
    I have the world in my Palm
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    well personally I have ATTWS, (and we all know they dont hand out unlock codes hah!) but I travel to Canada a lot, and would like to use my Rogers-ATT sim card in my ATTWS phone when i'm in Canada but alas, no unlock.

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