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    I just recieved a new Sprint Treo 600 and can't send mail from it. When I tryed to download the snapper mail I got a message that says "The file you have requested is in a format that is not currently supported, You will need to install an application which can read this file type if you would like to load it" What do I need to do to fix this? Also when I try to send a regular email after I hit the email key it tells me the service isn't avalable but will be soon. Any insight would be great
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    I wioudl suggest a search. I recall seeing issue, but I don't knowthe answer.

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    More than likely the file is zipped, (compressed) .zip file extension and you don't have it on your system you are downloading it to.
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    Of course you could down load the PalmOne Beta Pop3 Email program for free as a .prc install file.

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