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    I use the 600 for everything, so it gets much wear. I'm suddenly finding a simple tap on the main phone button (or the others also) doesn't instantly turn it on. I have to press it once or twice more, hard, and it's on.
    Anyone else have this problem?
    Anyone know how to fix it?
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    I think it is happening on my treo as well. I find myself having to press the buttons harder now.
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    I returned my first treo 600 because after 3 weeks the Navigation pad up button became unresponsive. New one had worked fine for a month now.

    I hope it keeps up.
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    Ditto on the buttons getting soft. I wasn't sure if it was me being paranoyed or the buttons actually fading. Good to know it isn't just me I guess...
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    So is the only solution to get a new 600?
    Also, does it keep getting worse and worse?
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    However I have found it can be software related... I installed a Today screen application and it became like a 3-4 second delay. Got rid of that and now it is back to a two second delay which is still worse then when i first got it.

    Maybe try a hard reset and install apps one by one. I am going to try that tonight and see what happens.

    Pretty annoying though.

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    Thanks, horsmanp!
    I uninstalled Today and it's already much better.
    Please let me know if you discover any other apps causing this.

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