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    I have Silver Screen (Treo 600 & SS v. SS v.3.1)and one of their advertised features is ZOUNDS. On their WEB site they have an animated gif (or whatever) featuring ZOUNDS* (I find nothing on their WEB site concerining the identity of the "*") That's it. No further elaberation as to the joys and benefits of ZOUNDS. I e-mailed them... nothing. I did WEB search and I found [url],/url] mouse overlay reviels "coming soon".. Anybody got a clue?

    ALOSO...EXCUSSSSZE me if I missed this in a previous post.


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    I think "Zounds" refers to some cutesy sound effects that work in OS 5 (dont recall my 300 making any noise at all while in Silver Screen).

    I just loaded the theme "Handiwork"--opening and closing makes a "boing" noise, using a quick launch button honks like a clowns nose. Great entertainment for the easily amused!

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    In the theme preferences tab in Silver Screen, the "Zounds" option can be set to none, classic or theme. Setting it to the theme option plays the cute sound bits that are associated with the current theme.

    I use Silver Screen 3.1.3 on a Treo 600.

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