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    AOL has two version of their instant messenger program available for the Palm.

    While the one for PalmŪ OS 3.52 and higher appears to be the right choice, I'm troubled by the FAQ page which states "AIM 1.2 does not support the Palm VII series devices."

    I know the Treo 600 is supposed to be Palm OS 5.xx; but I'm not sure if it is considered a Palm VII series device.

    NOTE: FAQ page is at

    Has anyone successfully installed the AIM 1.2 version on their Treo 600?

    How does it work for you?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    Dear dynamicnet,

    I do not know if this will be of help, but...

    Currently, I am using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Version 1.1 (Build 5) on my Treo 600. It is a little quirky. For example, when I message my girlfriend from my Treo and send a message, the message box does not delete the previous message sent. So I just delete the old message line(s) and create a new response and hit send. Also, sometimes I click on her handle to create an IM window and the AOL server will come back to say that she is not online, while the right hand corner of the Treo flashes the AIM logo (saying... someone is messaging me). But, I think this is an issue with the AOL server and how it hands-off packets of data via the Vision network.

    All in all I love my AIM Version 1.1 (Build 5). It has few flukes, but is FREE!

    Side note:
    The Treo 600 is NOT Palm VII compliant. Meaning, it does not support web-clipping which is the mainstay of Palm VII and what differentiates it from other Palm devices. So, I assume that Version 1.2 also does not use web-clipping and thus I think that it would work on the Treo 600. Although I cannot confirm my hunch.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Greetings Dave:

    Thank you for your input.

    This is my first Treo; and while I've been registering software like Snappermail and the like, AIM didn't have a trial for me to verify what would work prior to paying.

    Thank you again.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    Most people have bypassed the AIM client and installed 3rd party apps like Chatter. It consolidates AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo into 1 easy to use interface.

    Chatter is $20 and free trials are available ( Chatter also does simple IMAP emailing if you like.
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    I have Chatter installed already; and am waiting for Marc to let me know of another way to pay other than Paypal (I do not want to set up a paypal account in order to pay).

    I thought Chatter could consolidate only if you had an account with the IM provider. Meaning, in order to consolidate ICQ, you needed an ICQ account. AIM an AOL AIM account, and so on.


    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    You are correct that you need an account from the provider.

    It acts much like Trillian that is used on the desktop to consolidate your individual IM accounts & 'buddies' into 1 interface.
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    Just wanted to make sure I do not misunderstand - please correct as needed:

    1) Traditional AIm is available for $20 from AOL and uses Vision for SPrint so i u have an unlimited Visiuon u are OK. Is the old free version available anywhere?

    2) Chatter and Verichat offer consolidated Im for the various services. Both use Vision so again if unlimited u are OK.

    3) I used to use a free AIM client on my 8100. I think it used Java. I saw the 12/15 announcement of Java coming for Treo 600. When this comes will one be able to use the other AIM clients like the one for the 8100?

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