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    I can see my entire screen but my screen does appear to go more to the left in the opening in the case provided to it. Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with my screen?
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    There's a FAQ on this over at Treo 600 Essentials:
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    I never noticed the screen shift until I'd had the phone for two weeks. I'd swear the shift happened the day I inserted an SD card for the first time.

    I didn't know the shift was a by-design "feature" until well after a replacement unit was on it's way to me. I'd called Handspring tech support about it, obviously the Indian support rep I talked to didn't know it either.

    I made another call to HS about which phone I should send back -- they didn't care.

    Although the replacement phone was a hardware rev C, which was what I already had, I decided to do some comparison to see which unit to keep.

    My original phone had a yellowish cast to the screen. I'd never noticed because I had nothing to compare against. The new phone had a bright white screen.

    Also, the camera on the newer phone seemed slightly better.

    So, on the basis of those two things, I decided to keep the replacement phone. Once I activated it, I noticed that the sound quality of calls seemed better too.

    The only drawback I noticed on the newer phone is that the screen seems to be off by one pixel down the left side. This is only evident in some applications (depending on the contrast between the background and what's in the foreground) and most often appears to be blue.

    I realize the devices just aren't perfect... but once I saw the yellow, I just couldn't go back.

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