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    I just got a Treo from AT&T last week (and am loving it so far) but I notice that it makes a weird rattle, like something inside is loose. All the functions appear to be working, but this noise worries me. Anyone have the same experience, or should I exchange it (assuming AT&T gets any more in)?
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    It's the power button on the top.
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    No, it's not the power button. I can hear it (it sounds like a tiny little screw loose) going back and forth inside the unit.
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    You'll find more on this issue via a search.

    There are two issues with rattling noise with the Treo 600. One is the one mentioned above: the power button makes some noise.

    The other, people have reported hearing something which sounds like a screw moving around the inside of the phone. If this is what you think you are hearing you probably need to have the phone replaced.
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    Yeah, I stumbled across a similar post from earlier; I am going to go by AT&T tomorrow. Wish me luck finding a store with a Treo in stock!

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