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    I know that Yahoo Messenger had some maitenance Friday night...has anybody else had trouble with Chatter since them. Even though the app shows that I am logged in to Yahoo (along with ICQ and MSN), I neither able to see online contacts nor are they are able to see me as being online. Maybe YIM blocked Jabber clts?
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    It seems that SOMETHING has happened with Y, although I'm not sure what it is. I'll see what I can find out...

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    You're good, you're very good
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    The Yahoo problem has been fixed as of 11pm PST tonight (11/28). Sorry about the inconvenience!

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    Thanks for the speedy reply Mark.

    Awesome work, as usual.
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    agreed, nice work chap
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    and there goes Yahoo again. They are the only IM that vigilantly fights 3rd party apps. Everybody else has given up, jeez, this is a p*sser
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    What they're doing is awful. I'm back on the case...

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    they are going to effectively move people to ICQ, AIM, or MSIM if they aren't careful...or they need to at least come out with a suitable solution if they are going to keep on raining on everyone else's parade. I think that the Tipic people gave up. I know that Trillian has had problems. Just Another Jabber Client (JAJC) seems to be very effective at working around Yahoo's BS
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    Once again, Yahoo is up and running...

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    I am amazed by how hard you work for this app. Thanks man
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    and its off again....I think that I am gonna ask my friends and family to switch to ICQ.
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    should be fixed again (Hopefully more permanently this time.)
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    I didn't know that you were on the Blank team. Thanks much
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    hehe... just an old beta tester. Marc is very responsive, he gets all the credit.

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