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    I have a Cingular GSM Treo 600. Two Questions:

    1) I am unable to find where my minutes and, more importantly, my data usage log is. When checking the previous posts on this issue, I see that some people said to try:
    When I go to the phone screen and plug in those numbers, and then push dial, it does not give me anything other than a dial tone, or it just goes back to the phone page.
    Does anyone have the code for the Cingular GSM Treo 600, or am I entering the code in the wrong place?

    2) Initially, Cingular sold me this phone in one of their stores and included insurance in my contract. After a few days, they called and left a voicemail saying that Cingular is not going to insure the Treo 600. Has anyone had any success in arguing this point with them?
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    Well, at least they called you!

    I went into the store because my T600 wasn't registering my SIM card (not programed) and while I was showing it off to the sales guy I had bugged for 4 months to get me one - he STILL had NEVER SEEN ONE - and, by this time last week I had two - one is from Sprint...

    Anyway, he checked my account and told me that although they had sold me the coverage, the fine print said they wouldn't cover ANY TREOs (270, 300, 600) and a few other PDA-type phones (read - too expensive for them to stomach) But that it WOULD cover the new Motorola flip phone they gave me FREE for my tech-impared hubby. Oh BOY! Thanks! So that was the first I heard - and the ONLY thing I've heard for that matter. He urged me to call them to check, since I have not received any paperwork about the insurance (when I ordered my SPRINT T600, the insurance paperwork came WAY before the T600, HUMMMMM, maybe I better go read THAT policy too.....) D%#* underwriters.
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    I've called Telesales twice now to ask about my handset insurance. Both times I've been told that the Treo600 was covered. I suspect they're wrong, but I feel like I've covered my ****. I'm being charged the $3.99/month fee, and haven't recieved anything in the mail, pro or con.

    If it breaks, or is lost, I plan on holding Cingular to their word.

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