Hello friends!

Ok so, I'm new to Mac's, and somehow f'ed this Treo600 sync w/ Entourage up... I was hoping you might have some advice?! I have the latest Microsoft vX Office Suite, just upgraded to Panther on a dual G5, and just bought an AT&T Treo600. I downloaded the MS Entourage conduit, but for some reason the Treo data isn't syncing with the Entourage data, nothing happens. When I went into Library, Palm Hotsync, etc... The old Palm datebook, todo, memo and address conduits are in the disabled folder where they should be. And in the Conduits folder, there are: backup, install, microsoft entourage, note pad, photos, vindigo, and voice memo conduits. So then I went to Hotsync Manager, opened the "Conduit Settings" box... and got the window that I assume is correct. It has those 7 conduits in a list, and at the top are the columns Conduit Name, Last Hotsync, and Next Hotsync Action. For every conduit EXCEPT the entourage conduit, either synchronize, backup or install is listed in the next hotsync action. But for the Entourage Conduit, it says "Double click to see" for the "Next HotSync Action"~ yet, when I click, double, triple click- NOTHING HAPPENS! I am sooo frustrated. All that happens is a box highlights in the upper right corner of wthe window, and that box says "Conduit Setting". But again, I can't seem to double-click to open it. I am sure that the problem is, I need to get into that settings box to tell it which categories to sync, etc... but the problem is, why can't I open the Entourage Conduit setting window? If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!