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    I am trying to copy an MP3 file from my HDD to the SD Card and keep getting the error msg "Cannot copy file. The path is too deep" - any idea why? workaround? References I find are to path name being a total of more than 256 characters, and mine definitely is shorter than that...also, a small (70K) MP3 made it 2-3-4 meg jobs give me the error.

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    Are you sure?

    I have the same problem (not with an MP3 file, but another file) and the path was actually just too long.

    Remember that 'My Documents' is already several levels deep. To confirm you have a problem, maybe you can create a folder under 'C:', copy your file there and then try to put it to the Treo. If it still does not work, you have a real issue.

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    Will try right now:

    To confirm you have a problem, maybe you can create a folder under 'C:'
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    Nope - error again - my drive is an "F" drive and I have now moved the file to the base folder.. the transfer starts, then aborts...what is the exact "restriction" I am trying to avoid - is a long name a problem, as well?
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    dbouchon - are you using a removable drive and copying the mp3 or sync'ing (which worked for me but took very very long) - my errors are on a simple copy or move to "H" removable drive where the SD card is located...

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    Actually, I had the problem when using the synch thing.

    For MP3 files, I am using a SD card adapter (PCMCIA format, for my Laptop, made by Dazzle) and it works pereectly well with no problem.

    On thing though: using Pocket Tunes, I have to put all the files in the AUDIO folder of the SD card (NOT in a sub-directory of AUDIO), otherwise my Treo crashes.

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    I am using an SD card on a "removable" H drive, and putting the songs directly into "Audio" - for some reason still ge the error - anyone???

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