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    What's your high score in Zap!2016?

    I usually average around 18400 on medium speed - somehow I always manage to hit something or get hit during the "warning - collision" area on level 3.

    Anyone around here Owned this game?

    Tips, pointers, high scores?
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    My high score is only 17,500 but I only played it the first couple of weeks after I got my Treo.

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    Glad I'm not the only one playing this little game...

    I just keep saving each time I do better on a level. I finally came to a point where I collected enough "blue diamond" weapon upgrades for a lot of firepower.

    Got to Mission 6 but lost a few ships/weapons so I didn't save. Levels 5 & 6 hard to see with the light blue background...
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    doesn't the game drain the battery?

    then again, I was playing it while playing pocket tunes.
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