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    This is an FYI, not an ad.

    I enjoy finding neat apps for the Treo600, when I do, I like to share them. I found these at
    mLights - The ultimate keyboard and display backlights manager.

    mTone - Open the universe of NokiaŠ ringtones to your Treo 600!

    mSafe - Concerned about your privacy?

    mRing - Find out who is calling without having to pull out your Treo.

    mCamLock - Disable the Treo 600 camera in your environment.
    I know that Derek has some of these on his site, but less then half, I'll send him an email to see if he'll put all of them on
    I like mSafe and mLights, I am fix'n to try the demo versions of them.

    Enjoy, Matt Burkhard
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    I see know, after perusing the site more that two of the apps are not ready for the T600 yet.. mSafe and mRing. The link with the picture of the Treo600 threw me off a least they have them in the works..
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    Yep, that's exactly why they're not all on Treo 600 Essentials - they're not all ready for the T600 yet. We do our homework over here!

    BTW, we've reviewed mLights - read the review at:

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    Heya Derek,
    Yea, I know you folks over there are on the ball, that should have been my first flag.... LOL
    I read the review off the link from MotionApps site to it. Nice!
    Thanks, Matt

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