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    I've installed the iRock FM Transmitter. What a setup! Love it! Instant Handsfree. Calls are clear at my end.

    However, I've gotten complaints from a large number of my callers about echo issues.

    I've tried lowering the volume from the source audio device (GSM T6 - Cingular unlocked on T-Mob Ntwk), and my FM car radio. No luck. I've also tried changing the distance b/w the IRock and my radio, but it can only go so far due to the length of the iRock cable that connects to my T6 (which sits in a Proclip mount - 99 Accord)

    Has anyone had similar problems and solved them? If so, please share the remedy.
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    Are you getting echo ONLY when using the xmitter? There have been a number of threads about echo on the T-mob network - and it's not just an issue with the Treo - the echo can occur with a plain basic phone as well.

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    Unfortunately, yes, I'm only getting complaints about echoing when I use my iRock transmitter. Other calling methods are echo free so far.
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    Hmmm...I have not had anyone mention it. But I will ask just in case.

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    I have had the same issue with my IRock, however I don't have a Proclip so I still hold the phone, just not up to my ear. When i'm finshed speaking, i'll cover the mic hole with my finger until I speak again. This definately helps the echo effect. I think the I Rock is going to suffer from that problem MORE vs. a cassette adapter/aux. adapter due to the long, complex path the sound takes after it comes out of the Treo. I wonder what the actual delay in ms (milliseconds) is vs a cassette adapter vs. the internal speakerphone speaker. It must be small, but definately a problem.

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