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    I am a new Sprint Treo user and really love it.

    However, in trying to unlock all it can do, I am wondering why I need an SD card? Are there memory hogging apps out there that are worth it?

    Snapper mail looks like a buy for me..but can anyone recommend other apps that would facilitate use of this phone??

    BTW - Do these cards require any additional hardware or is loading apps / MP3 /etc embedded in the Palm software?


    BTW - Any word on Sprint SMS rolling out?
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    SD cards come in handy for a number of things. If you to use pocket tunes to play MP3s it is necessary- the app won't play them from the limited internal memory, not that you could store more than a few songs anyway. If you use one of the available backup programs (do a search, many threads here discuss the options) you can back up to the SD card. That way you can do a full restore if forced to hard reset when away from your desktop. SD cards are also great for large databases etc.

    Snappermail is simply awesome. Don't hesitate, just try it out.

    SMS- some say 1/4/04, but there were dates in Nov and Dec that slipped, and I'm not too hopeful. It will be here one of these days.
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    just go with Treo600SMS from pdaapps - It is an awesome app and you'll save the hassle of waiting on Sprint to roll out their SMS.
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    I put a couple hundred MB's of MP3's and was able to toss my stand-alone player. (Anything to save a few ounces travelling).

    I also do backups to the card for if/when my T6 crashes and something is off with my PC backup.

    SMS - get Treo600SMS and stop getting your hopes up/dashed by Sprint.
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    SD cards are also great for storing photos or running programs with an app like ZLauncher
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    ... that even if you put an app on the SD card it still loads into the 24MB of T600 memory. (I just remember that my Tungsten did that)

    So the SD card is ideal for docs to go, mp3s, backup buddy and data.

    With SD cards as low as $25 for 128MB after rebates you should get one and play with it ... believe you WILL find a way to fill it up

    -- Vikram
    Treo 600 <a href="">Blog/Moblog</a>
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    ZLauncher and Powerrun can effectively move both the app and the database. THey are really cool,` LX moves much less

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