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    As I'm using my treo to type blind while on the road, I would be extremely happy with an app that makes the buttons for the keyboard "click". I don't know about the rest of you, but I accidentilly hit a button twice, or not at all. A sound would be nice, maybe something like the click for the other buttons (Phone etc.)

    Suggestions anyone?
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    unless you have three arms, it'd be nice if you waited till you got to your destination or pulled over. that would avoid the problem you face, and ensure you didn't kill anyone.
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    Pete: Good point! I appreciate your concern and more important: I agree with you! I will never do anything to risk me or anyone else getting hurt. However: When I get to my destination, it's usually a lot later. You see, my field of work is Holland, Belgium and Germany. This means I drive a lot. I fetch my e-mail every half hour, and I respnd to it on route. This could indeed be solved by me pulling over when needed(Which I will). BUT:

    I also use my Treo tot take notes while I'm in a meeting. I found that customers do not like it when you constantly have to look down at your display. On mu T270 I could find every key blind. On the T600 however, it's a bit more of a challenge. The keys are a bit smaller than on the T270. A slight sound of a touch would be a 'killer-app" for me!

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