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    Help ! I have a Handspring Treo 600 with Beyond Contacts from DataViz.

    I also have Office 2000 Pro/Outlook 2000 SP-3 on my desktop.

    My problem is that after I hot sync, Beyond Contacts pulls the Full Name from the email field but not the actual full email address out of Outlook contacts.

    I can't get Outlook to display the full email address. It only wants to display the contacts Full Name in that field after I type the email address in it.

    Beyond Contacts is not smart enough to understand that the full name is like a auto pick and that there is an email address assigned to it.

    So it only gets the name and not the address.

    Can anyone offer a fix please ?

    Thanks for reading and see you out there !

    Brad Hoesman Real Estate One Agent Ann Arbor Michigan
    (734) 945-5626
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    Correction !!!!!!! I now get my email address synced over.
    I had to delete my contacts list in Outlook Express and re-import them. I also did a hotsync from the pda to Outlook 2000.

    This seemed to enable Beyond Contacts to read and retrieve the email addresses from Outlook 2000.

    I also did an import for Outlook 2000 as well.

    I had to re-enter some information that got lost from the original deletion, but it was not that bad.

    Now when I enter new contacts directly into Outlook 2000, all the fields sync up with Beyond Contacts.

    I think the problem before was any email address in contacts in Outlook Express that I had prior to installing Office 2000 Pro/Outlook 2000, were the culprits that did not sync over.

    So by deleting all the contacts in Outlook express and then importing them back in, this jarred Outlook 2000 into thinking that it owned them.

    Weird !!!! I don't completely understand it myself, but whatever I did it is working now.

    Thanks for reading and see you out there !!

    Brad Hoesman Real Estate One Inc. Agent Ann Arbor, Michigan
    (734) 945-5626

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