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    Ok, I am very annoyed by the controls in like 95% of the games I've been downloading and playing. Most I can't fully control using five way nav.

    For example, while playing pacman, instead of using the five way nav. the up and down works great, but to go left or right, i have to use the phone Icon & the Calender ICon, WHICH SUCKS, LOL.

    Theres no way in the games to change this, because it would let you assigned the Left/right Buttons, The only way they will let u assign the left/right buttons, only if you choose something like, Phone or calender.

    Anyone experienced this?
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    This really depends on the game. Gizmo and NesEm have a Treo specific version that will recognize left and right. Some other programs will appear as if nothing happens when you try to map the buttons but it will still work anyway. Most games ive seen though have no option to switch. If it bothers you that much about specific games, email the developers and see if they can help. I dont see how it could be that hard for them to fix.

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