I purchased an Orange Treo 600 for my son for Christmas and we have a couple of issues that I am hoping are just simple user errors.

1) Wireless Mode seems to drop out. The light starts flashing amber and then eventually drops out all together. This drop out seems to be signal based. I have read lots of threads and posts, we have downloaded the radio tool and there dont appear to be any soft resets.. More worrying is that the phone never automagically goes back into wireless mode, manual operation is always required. I cant believe this is normal, afterall its a phone and what use is a phone if you cant receive calls because, for whatever reason, you have dropped wireless mode.. Anyone got any ideas.

2) When using the camera I see lots of blue specks around the edge of the picture. It mainly occurs in low lighting however my own SE P800 takes superb pics in the same place at the same time.. Again anyone care to contribute ??

All responses greatly appreciated.