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    I am trying to get it to work wiyh my treo 180 and it wont connect

    TREO 180 gprs 1.1.1
    Unlimited Internet

    decent laptop
    Good signal and gprs status

    Any suggestions

    I did search and read all the posts

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    I coudn't get PDA Net to work with Windows XP and a Treo 600. I sent an email to their support group and haven't received a response in two months. I'm not sure why Handspring thinks PDA Net is worthy of real estate on their web page.

    (On the same note, PDA Defense is advertised on the Handspring website as well. It should come with a disclaimer to T600 owners that it screws up the way you dial phone numbers from your contacts. Handspring should not endorse the software until it is fixed.)
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    is there an alternative to pdanet...
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    Well after screwing around with it I made some progress.
    on my laptop it seemed to be having a virtual com port cofilct or it was just screw up. So I went into device manager and deleted and now it works..

    Give it a try.

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    Sorry folks, but my T600 and my laptop running XP works just fine. I would try to get support on it.
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    Those of you who have PdaNet working with T-Mobile - are you paying T-Mobile for the service? I activated "free unlimited WAP access" on my plan after reading this lengthy thread at

    then tried the demo version of PdaNet, which worked perfectly, and no charge for modem use! Unfortunately, a few months later I actually bought PdaNet, only to find that now I get a connection error: "GPRS connection has failed or GPRS is not enabled on your account." I've emailed T-Mobile customer service, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'd appreciate any information anyone who can give me about how their set-up works. Thanks.
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    Took a while to get it working but I'm posting now on my laptop w pdanet provideing the connection. My cable modem took a dump and this works fine.... Speedtests at about 85k.

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