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    The sloved dictionaries (russian in my case) have a cool feature that I want to make sure works on the Treo 600.

    Basically, you elect to load a device driver and it allows you to select a word in any text program (memopad, doc reader, etc), then do a click-and-hold on the Find button, and it will pop open the dictionary with the entry for the word you selected.

    This works fine on my Prism, but I'm not sure if it will work with OS 5 or even if it's compatible with the Treo hardware.

    Anybody know? TIA,

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    Not sure if this is the feature you are referring to, but at their website the following is noted:

    "the resident module that allows you to translate words from within the currently active application: just select the word and start the resident module (not available for Handspring Treo devices with hardware keyboard)"

    I use SlovoEd as well and translating words from within other applications would be a nice feature!
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    I use slovoed, but I never was able to find a magic combination of keypresses on the T600 that would popup the dictionary. It is a cool feature, and I used it quite a bit on my Sony Clie.
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    Thanks guys.

    That is exactly the feature I'm talking about. Sorry I didn't see it on the web site (still don't actually, but I'll take your word for it!

    It is by far the coolest feature in the program, and rather indispensible for language study.

    I know my version has two ways to start the resident function...

    1) long tap on find icon
    2) long vertical graffiti stroke from bottom to top of screen

    The newer versions have other methods like "vertical graffiti stroke between find icon and calc icon". If anyone is able to make ANY version with ANY combo work on this thing, please let me (us) know!

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    Nope, not using SlovEd, but am curious as to what Cyrillic fonts you found that work on the T600. Was using CyrHack on the T300, but it crashed my T6 -- apparently not compatible with Palm OS 5.
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    CyrHackV with Russian TT font work fine on my Treo 600
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    Ok, finally I solve the SlovoEd memory-resident problem. You have to config SlovoEd menu->Resident to use command bar

    1, The best way is to use "Snap! Clip" program (free). The command bar is poped up automatically when a word is selected in a program that uses Palm text clipboard (Adobe doesn't. Palm memo does). Then you can select cut, copy or SlovoEd on what to do with the selected text. If SlovoEd selected, then it looks up directly

    2, The other way I did it is to use Butler (ie. TreoButler) to enable command bar invocation by holding menu key (In misc config dialog in Butler). SlovoEd is available there

    The remaining problem is with Adobe reader. It doesn't use Palm clip board. So, I have to extra step using Adobe menu to copy to clipboard. Is there any program that auto copy selected text in Adobe to clip board?

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    Can you elaborate on your solution for non-Adobe usage?
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    Hello Chiuc. I'm new to the forum and just read your post. It seems that you solved your problem, but I thought I'd post this just in case. I have a newer Treo 700p (palm). and the ONLY way on the 700p to activate the resident mode when in another application is by tapping the "menu" key of the keyboard of the phone then the tapping the backspace key on the keyboard. You can set up this option in the resident options menu in SlovEd. Hope you find this helpful. I have another major problem with SlovEd and the Treo which I will post elsewhere/
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    Hello Again. I'm new to the forum and thought I throw out this problem I have. I'm using a Treo 700p (Sprint) and have installed and uninstalled the Mirriam Webster (SlovEd) dictionary on my Treo at least 3 times in a variety of configurations (database on SD card.) the problem is after installing the program the phone quits working and it takes several system resets to get the phone working again and that's only after completely uninstalling SlovEd for main memory and the SD card. This is unacceptable and I can sure use some help. SlovEd doesn't have a solution (so far). The did email me the lates version of the engine but that didn't help. Thanks in advance for your help.

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