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    I have a Treo600 and a Garmin eTrex Legend that I want to connect using Mapopolis Navigator. Ideally, I'd like to have power delivered to the Treo while in the car, and maybe even the GPS itself as well. Have you guys heard of such a product? If not, is it possible to use the Serial Hotsync cable from Handspring, the Serial cable from Garmin, and a DB9 Male-Male adapter to accomplish this? Has anyone else tried doing this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Did you ever figure out anything because I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing?
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    I'm interested also.
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    Has anyone figured this out? I'd like to get a GPS device that can be used in and out of the car, so the Mapopolis mouse is not an option.
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    You can check it here for the cable. The power is another problem

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    I currently have a Treo 600, the Treo Serial cable, a Garmin eTrex Legend, its serial cable, a male-to-male adapter, null-modem adapter, Mapopolis, and a whole lot of frustration.

    To make a long story short, it doesn't work with a standard Treo 600 Serial cable. I tried both with and without a null modem adapter, no dice. I tried every combination of software setting possible, different versions of Mapopolis, didn't work. The Treo syncs just fine with the serial cable, and replacing the Treo with my ancient Kyocera 6035 in the setup and it works perfectly, so it's not the cables. Well, it *is* the cables in the sense that something isn't right. Looking at that link posted above it definately seems that there are different serial cables for different tasks: namely that the Treo Serial *SYNC* cable is not the same as the Treo Serial *DATA* cable. Seems stupid to me that they're different, but i'm not an engineer.

    I found an old thread that discusses the need to rewire the serial. Wish I had found that before buying the serial cable....

    I have found another cable online that says it's exactly for what we're trying to do here, and I may be ordering it. That would give me the flexibility to use Mapopolis (which is really good software, by the way) on my Treo when I need auto-routing and detailed directions, and the ruggedness to use the eTrex on its own when hiking, boating, or biking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAC

    I have found another cable online that says it's exactly for what we're trying to do here, and I may be ordering it. That would give me the flexibility to use Mapopolis (which is really good software, by the way) on my Treo when I need auto-routing and detailed directions, and the ruggedness to use the eTrex on its own when hiking, boating, or biking.
    This works when you're driving, but Semsons support says the solution will not work without power from a socket. I'm not sure what to think... Has anyone tried this with the cable on Semsons' site yet to confirm whether or not it works?

    Maybe I'll just wait for Location-Based Services to become available... Makes you appreciate BT, even though the BT GPSs are much more expensive...
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    I just set up this very combination. It's da bomb!

    I wanted a GPS that I could use with both the Treo (using Mapopolis) and my laptop (using DeLorme Street Atlas 2004 and Microsoft Streets & Trips 2004). Yet, I wanted a self-contained unit with basic internal mapping functionality that I may load topographic maps into for hiking and backcountry skiing.

    So, I bought the eTrex Vista. The internal maps are lousy for automobile routing, and the display is difficult to see while driving, but it's perfect for the two self-contained uses described above. When I got it home I hooked it up to the laptop and went for a drive -- amazing, and DeLorme even gives you the ability to speak commands into the laptop microphone to manipulate the map views and to ask it questions about routing, which it then speaks back to you. But I've got a two-seat automobile, so that setup requires that my laptop is my passenger.

    Enter the Treo. I ordered the cable from Semsons to connect the Treo to the eTrex, and bought it bundled with the Proclips windshield mount for the Treo. I also hopped onto eBay and bought the Garmin OEM windshield bracket for the eTrex. This is how it ended up:

    In this mounting position the Treo's display is nicely visible from the driver's seat. Mapopolis is a whole lot easier to view when it's used in conjunction with a GPS. The four function buttons on the Treo are nicely configured with the new beta of Mapopolis to zoom in, zoom out, add more detail, or display less detail. Spoken directions are right on target. The GPS may be positioned for maximum view of the sky, because you don't have to worry about being able to view its display. Cables are unobtrusive, at least the way that my dashboard/cigarette lighter placement is configured.

    The only negative that I can see is that the Semsons cable doesn't supply power to the eTrex, only to the Treo, and because the eTrex has one combined input for both power and data I have to run the eTrex on batteries. Oh, well...2 batteries are supposed to last up to 12 hours, and at $10 for 48 alkaline batteries at BJ's Wholesale Club that's really not much of a concern.

    With the ability to run all 3 configurations -- self-contained handheld, cabled to the Treo, and cabled to the laptop -- I feel like I got the best of all worlds.
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    Oh, one thing I should mention: I discovered (only after much trial and error!) that the cable is incompatible with the driver for the Treo Portable Keyboard accessory. It throws the Treo into an endless loop that can only be stopped via a soft reset. Fortunately, the driver doesn't need to be uninstalled, only disabled via a keystroke after launching the driver via its icon. And of course, it's not possible to use both the GPS and the keyboard concurrently, anyway.
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    I didn't see any mention of it in your posts, so I'll ask: Can you transfer data between the eTrex and Treo without power from a cigarette lighter?
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    Sorry, I forgot to address that. The data stops flowing if the cigarette lighter power supply is unplugged.
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    Does anyone know where I can find out more information about the pins for the Treo 600 connector so that I can make my own cable? This shouldn't be that complicated, but it seems like there is a lot of strange information about this floating around.

    I found in another thread a diagram for a serial connector, but was wanting to get a bit more information about where to get the Treo connector side. Basically I am just wondering if it is possible to make the cable from a sync/charge cable, or if I have to buy the connector itself.

    I am compiling this all to my website, where you will find the diagram I found as well:

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