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    what is the best way to set up a gps system for the treo 600. which service should i get and what else do i need to make it work right.

    thank you
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    i just got haicom gps for xmas, and i use mapopolis, its pretty cool, it "speaks" the turns as you get close. like "turn left 200 feet" ect.

    my gps, requires an auto power plug to function so dont expect to be able to walk around with it.
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    I am also using the HiCom Serial gps with my Treo 600 and the Navigator software from Mapopolis. Works like a Champ !

    Note: I loaded the Beta Version of Nav (1.27) mentioned and link provided in another thread. (Thanks guys ! )

    Got a package from buygpsnow for 200 after entering promcode BGNSALE. came with

    Haicom serial GPS
    Mapopolis Navigator (CDROM edition) "Has all the maps"
    Car Mountkit
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    A few questions about your new GPS systems (sorry, this got a bit long...):

    Do you find the lower resolution screen to be a problem? Or do you mostly just rely on the voice prompts?

    Are the voice prompts only through the Treo itself, or is there an external speaker (the description on the HiCom unit didn't mention a speaker). If no external speaker, do you find the volume to be loud enough on the highway? I could route the sound through my car speakers with a cassette adapter, but I would like to have my radio on at the same time.

    How accurate do you feel it is? I ask because I have used a GPS unit with my laptop (DeLorme and StreetAtlas 2003) and found that it would often give me turning directions a bit too late (I had already passed the street, or was right at the turn when the prompt finally came through). I don't think I'm driving too fast, either. That software did pronounce the street names (nice feature), but it didn't help when I had already passed the street.

    Any other impressions you would like to share, especially on what doesn't work so well? Sorry to pressure for a more full review, but I'm deliberating between getting a solution like this for my Treo 600 or spending more than twice as much on a Garmin iQue. I know the Garmin is likely better, but I already have a Palm OS 5.2.1...seems like a waste. Thanks for any input.
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    GPS unit works great, small, and doesn't slide around on the dash.
    - A lot of wire. Once I figured out where I wanted everthing I
    tie-wraped the rest. This helped.

    More detailed review of software:


    - Voice prompts are good
    Pre-announces Turns
    "Right Turn x miles/.x miles/x feet

    - Provides good detail in the turn info

    - Announces "the" turn
    "Next Right" when the next street is the turn

    - Volume is sufficent
    Using the Treo 600 speaker works fine for me on/off highway
    unless I am blasting the radio

    - Having all the Maps of Noth America on a CD

    - Moves Maps back and forth from your SD card well

    - has option to leave map(s) in main memory

    - Not much map shown with turn info present
    this is expected (not a lot of screen to begin with)
    You can suppress the turn info until the next prompt by
    pressing the "select" key

    - Maps are cataloged by county, If you don't know the county
    of the destination, you have to load the Major Road map
    ahead of time to get it. I travel for work alot and now know a
    lot of county info

    - doesn't pronounce any street name info. have to look at the
    Addtional note:

    I am waiting on the igolf SD gps as well. Thought being, if it works well, I will use it as the gps on trips. Load the maps I want from the SD card, replace with SD gps and go. would be nice to not haul all the cables
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    I also am awaiting my igold unit, when it arrives, i will post here about it, (at least 2x once when it arrives and again after using it). The only minor proble is that the IGOLF unti does nto ship with mapopolis's "talking" sioftware and will need to be upgraded. Take care, Jay
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