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    I know this topic has been discussed many times but the only factor I'm considering is OS stability, Which one has fewer crashes, fatal errors. I'd like to run some basic 3rd party apps. such as docs to go, and some reference medical stuff such as epocrates or pocket PDR. i DONT NEED ALOT OF ADDITIONAL MEMORY, POORLY FUNCTIONING CAMERA. Also which seems to have the better ear speaker ? I've read alot about the Treo's speaker problems.
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    I've had both phones and haven't experienced many crashes with either. The key to avoiding crashes is what third party applications you install on to the device. If you install things which aren't compatible with the device you'll have crashes.

    The speaker doesn't bother me either. Occasionaly I'll find myself having to turn down the volume when using the external speaker because it can be staticty on the Treo, but that's about it.

    I found the i500 too small for my tastes. They are both great phones but for me the Treo works better.
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    I owned an I-500 for several months before the new Treo came out. I do think the speaker quality was better on the Samsung (although it didn't have a speakerphone at all). I've not had too many crashes on either.

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