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    Can I get the picture of the person calling me on my Treo 600 on the screen? (My addresses are sync-ed with those on my Macintosh, the latter including pictures from the people listed)
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    How do I set up Picture Caller ID and Caller ID Ringtone on Treo?

    Your Treo smartphone has the amazing ability to display a picture of the person calling you, and play a special ringtone for that person. Before you can do this, you need to set up a Favorite with the contact's info.

    Before doing this, you'll want to take a snapshot of the person in question using the built-in camera, or transfer an image from your computer.

    Setting up a Favorite
    The key to Picture Caller ID and Caller ID Ringtone is creating a Favorite. We designed the Treo smartphone with 50 programmable Favorites.

    Press Phone .

    Use the 5-way to access Favorites.

    Choose a blank button, and press Center. If the page is full, keep pressing Right to scroll to the next page. There are 5 total pages of Favorites.

    From the Types pick list at the top of the screen, choose Speed Dial.

    Enter the Favorite:
    Is it for an existing contact? Choose Lookup. Start typing the last name of the contact as it's stored in your Contacts list. Choose Add.
    Is it for a number you want to enter manually? Type a Label for the contact, then press Down and enter the number.

    (Optional) Enter a Quick Key. When you are in the Phone application, you can press and hold the Quick Key to instantly dial the number.

    Choose the More button.

    (Optional) If you need to dial an extension to reach this person (like 1-650-555-6355 x5870), Extra Digits might be helpful to you.

    (Optional) If you like, check the box for Dial Extra Digits Automatically. When the call is picked up on the other end, your Treo will immediately begin dialing the extra digits.
    Otherwise, you can select the Extra Digits button manually when it appears on the screen (after the call has connected).

    Now, choose the Picture Caller ID and Caller ID Ringtone (finally!). In the pick list for Ringtone, select a special ringtone that will play when that person is calling you.

    Check the box for Image.

    Tap on the box for Select Image. Choose one of the images you have stored on your smartphone, and choose Select to set it.

    Choose OK.

    Choose OK again.

    Remember, if you chose not to dial extra digits automatically, you will need to use the 5-way navigation control to choose the Extra Digits button when it appears onscreen (after the other end picks up the call).

    Extra Credit: Sprint version only
    Some older voicemail and IVR systems do not work with the default short DTMF tones sent by Treo 600. If your Extra Digits fail to be recognized or you cannot adjust the timing accurately enough to get a response, we recommend turning off the Short DTMF option:

    Press Phone .

    Press Menu .

    From the Options menu, choose Phone Preferences.

    Uncheck the box for Enable Short DTMF Tones.

    Choose OK.
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