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    I would like to install Grafitti 1 onto my Treo 600 over Grafitti 2 (I read about this in one of the other threads). The thread has a website, but the files on that website are incorrect (one of the files is like 1K and shoulod be like 22K or so).

    My understanding is that there are two files needed:
    grafitti library.prc
    (and another, cannot remember the exact name)

    Could some kind soul please email me (or post up here) the two files?

    I installed grafitti anywhere and it is good I think, but I have been using grafitti 1 for a long time now and just cannot get used to grafitti 2.

    Anyways, I have tried searching for the two files and cannot find them anywhere! Someone PLEASE email me the files, c'mon, it's Christmas!


    Merry Christmas! Thanks!
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    I had the same problem and request...

    If you find the files could you email them to me...?? I'll return the favor if I find them..

    I used the files from and it resulted in an endless looped soft reset...that took a hard rest to stop.

    Happy Holidays!
    Technology Rules!
    Great Combo!
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    It worked for me very good... You HAVETO read the read me file that comes along with the dounload, and follow it carefully.
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    Mike M:

    Yeah, I had the exact same propblem. I did read the directions - and I noticed that the Grafitti library.prc file that is downloaded is only 1K. I think that is where the problem is - the original instructions state that the Grafitti library.prc file is supposed to be about 22k.

    Hopefully someone here will be willing to help! Thanks!


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