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    I can download to my pc just fine and hot synch..but anytime i have tried to download directly into my phone..i get an error message saying :

    "the file you have requested is in a format that is not currently supported. you will need to install an application which can read this file type if you would like to load it."

    EVERY SINGLE TIME! any app, trial or otherwise...

    i have tried handango support..but whoa... not that helpful.
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    what are the ext of these files?

    they are usually zip files, you would need a zip program.
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    I never see what the file extentions just starts downloading...then I get the error. I have an unzipper, too.
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    You need a program that can handle "native" zip files. For instance, I had the same problem when I was using FlyZip, which turned out to be very weak. Try HandZip instead. It's a serious Shareware program that can be downloaded from or
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    I'm already using handzipper lite...
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    I have had the same problem downloading to my PC. It usually goes like this:

    I select "download" and the download window comes up and shows that it's trying to connect to:
    >...74&secw=5da5e8f8&ccw=2a5652ba from<

    [After about 3 to 4 minutes the error window below pops up.]

    >Microsoft Internet Explorer Error Message
    Internet Explorer cannot download......74&secw=5da5e8f8&ccw=2a5652ba from

    Internet Explorer was not about to open this internet site. The requested site if either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.<

    I've had this problem with Handango for the last year without resolution even after multiple emails back and forth with techsupport. It's decreased my shopping there.
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    I've pretty much given up on these guys since I couldn't buy or partially pay for a program using the wallet and the alternative was pretty unclear.
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