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    Like some of you I have been lurking the news groups and various PDA accessory sites (not the mention the Sprint Store) in search of a nice case that will protect my Treo 600, while also fitting securely onto my belt. I have finally found one in the most unlikely of places....Lowe’s Home Improvement store. I was out buying a few last minute items for Christmas when I stumbled across their cell phone accessory display and there it was. A case designed to fit the Nokia 5100, 6100 & 7100 also fits the Treo 600….though a bit snug….and only $9.97 (+ tax)!

    Here are a few of the characteristics I have discovered so far (having only had the case for a few hours).

    What it has…
    • It’s a horizontal design case, which fits nicely on a belt whether you are sitting or walking.
    • The case is made by Sanyo and constructed of durable black leather. The model # is 48815.
    • It has a magnetic snap that is a bit snug with the Treo in the case; however I bet over time this will stretch a bit to allow for easier snapping.
    • Has a leather belt clip that appears to hold a tight grip on your belt. May have trouble on very thick belts.

    What it doesn’t…
    • It does not allow for charging in the case since the sides of the case get in the way of the charger.
    • It does not have any SD slots, credit card or $ slots.
    • The case prevents viewing of the signal status light or manipulation of the sounds switch on the top of the phone.

    For the money I think it’s a great case. I also looked at the Vaja Classic, Bellagio line, Nutshell and several other cases, which since they are made specifically for the Treo 600 will most likely offer a better product. For people like me who hesitate to buy something like a case online since I like to touch it and make sure everything fits nicely this case from Lowe’s IMHO offers a nice alternative. It’s also $30-40 less than some of the other leading cases out there. If you’re interested call your local Lowe’s and see if you can get your hand on one. Good luck!


    Here are a few pictures with Treo 600 in the case:

    Front of case with box case came in:

    Front of case with Treo next to it:

    Back of case with Treo inside it:
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    Veddy nice, Jack! Right up there with the freebie case that came with the Cingular T600's.
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    I've never seen the case that came with the Cingular. This case does the trick for me.
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    The freebie hip holster case looks very similar to yours. There's a pic of it on the Handspring site.

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