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    Yes, I have done a search on this and found nothing......

    Yesterday, my T600 reached <5% whilst I was on a call. I plugged it in to charge while the call was still active. It continued to flash a warning, and worst of all continued with an audible alert. The LED changed from green to red and back with each alert. I had to unplug and finish the call on the fumes of the remaining charge. I did both soft and hard resets afterward, and still got the same behaviour. Finally, I shut off sound and wireless, and ignored it for a while. Once the charge reached about 15% or so, the alerts stopped, and all was back to normal.

    Anyone else have this experience? I can understand the thing yowling about needing to be charged, but it can bloody well shut up once it's plugged in!!!!
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    I experienced something similar the other day, although I wasn't on a call. I'm out of town right now at my folk's house for Christmas, and use the USB travel sync cable I ordered with my Treo to charge with my PowerBook. My Treo has stayed plugged into the laptop almost full time. But I was sitting at my laptop and my phone started exhibiting the exact behaviour you describe. The battery indicator always had the lightning bolt on to indicate that it was plugged in, but the LED kept changing, and the alert kept coming and disappearing. It seemed like the power was coming only intermittently from my USB port. I tried power cycling the laptop, but didn't try to troubleshoot much more than that...I got the phone to shut up by using the same cable and plugging into my parent's desktop computer USB port, so I was satisfied. It charged up fine. I've since put the cable back on my PowerBook...I'm curious if I've got a problem with my USB port such that the phone really isn't charging. It would be a new problem though, I've charged my phone with this cable and laptop ever since I got the phone with no problems. I guess the real difference with my problem and yours, Dali Lama, is that when I plugged my cable into the desktop computer, the phone immediately shut up --I didn't have to wait for the charge to reach a certain level...unless I was on the cusp of that level already.
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    Every time my Treo gets in the low battery or less than 15% charge, I always experience this problem. Recharging it past 20% helps and I always have to put the Treo in the drawer at night because the blinking light is annoying when this occurs and I also switch it to silent mode so that I don't get the audible warning.
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