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    I'm currently using Sprint Business Connect product to access my corporate Exchange mail and two other pop3 mail accounts.

    It works very well, the little client that runs on my desktop at work seems quite stable and feeds my Treo just fine. I love the way all my mail accounts stay in sync. If I delete on my dekstop, it gets deleted from my Treo. If I delete from my Treo, it gets deleted on my desktop.

    The only problem is attachement support and the 3 mail account limit.

    Will VersaMail provide the same functionality and take advantage of my Documents to Go 6.0 applications? I'm not sure how it will access my Outlook mail at work? Does it have a little desktop client like Sprint BC? Will all my mail accounts stay in sync as I delete messages from my desktop/Treo.

    If not, does anyboy else have any ideas. I tried BaseJet and couldn't get it to support my pop mail, the attachment support doesn't use third apps and the support was non-exsistiant.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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