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    To send SMS (Short, 160 Characters) for free and not paying for PDAApps, this is a good solution, I think

    Bookmark this URL on your phone, (in favorites) it takes practically 10 seconds to load, almost as long as it takes you to look for your Treo600sms application.....

    Sprintusers wap style
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    This site loads much faster!
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    Woah... Thanks, it's even better you don't haveto put in a phone number, even a name goes.....

    Thanks gfunkmagic, I knew I could rely on you to take the glory...
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    Plus, the microcio site has lots of additional features. it gets my vote too.
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    Soooooo? Why would sombody throw out money, if there IS a FREE temporary solution???

    BTW it's only temporary, right?
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    I decided not to wait for sprint and got treo600sms a few months ago. Turned out to be a pretty good call. I'm not sure how these sites work, but I like the way treo600sms groups the text messages from one person as a thread - keeps all the msgs very organized. Also it's good not to have to remember phone numbers by heart (and the carrier's respective ending like or whatever) since you can easily just go through your contacts using treo600sms. I'm not sure if these websites solve those issues.

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