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    i cant find that thread of those guys who made the car mounts with that clear radio shack pda holder.

    in any case..i just called 3 radio shacks and they insist that it doesnt exist.

    someone give me a part number please so i can set the fool straight like i did with the stereo shack guys were tellin me the adapters would turn my heaphones so one side was a speaker and one side was a mic. where do they find these guys? there is burger king close by to the radio shak i went to..i guess thats where.
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    "If you've got questions, then we've got answers."

    yeah, right!
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    They didn't say CORRECT answers...
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    that's the one I have, and it worked great for about a month, until the sticky adhesive on the little plastic circle gave out. Any quick clues on a good sticky/glue/tape I could use to remount that black plastic part?
    (the RS guys said no go on a return/swap)

    i'm thinking maybe of some kind of heinous 3M double tape or something. I'd prefer to not use actual GLUE or anything like that.

    Thoughts, anyone?
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    uh this link is broken...
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    They must have just droped the product. Oh well.
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