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    Which apps have the pilots here found to be useful/compatible on their t600?

    I'm using the t600 gsm now but used to use clipping apps on the i705 & i710 for weather, planning, filing, etc. I also used copilot for trip planning and W&B. Is there anything for performance, density altitude, etc?
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    Here is a good flight planning program which works very well on the 600 and the same company has an E6B program.

    One can also use the standard DUATS applications on the 600 via Blazer although the screensize hampers that app. If you are a member of AOPA, the AOPA text weather site can be displayed on the 600. Accuweather ( can display a remarkably good radar and satellite picture on the 600 also.

    If you use SMS, go to that app and type in in the "To" field, then TAF KXXX or METAR KXXX in the text field, and within a few seconds it will return with the taf or metar for that airport.
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    Alas, PQAs don't work on the Treo 600. They'll be missed.

    Meanwhile, here's a list of aviation programs I have loaded on my Treo 600 and which work nicely:

    Airports -- an AFD with runway diagrams
    AP Signs
    PAD (an aviation reference guide)
    SASI (a VOR/ADF simulator)
    FARs (always good reading <g>)

    Most of these can be found at

    There are a couple of weather graphics sites that work with the Treo 600: and

    There's an email list, which I run, devoted to the use of PDAs in aviation: PalmPilotPilots, I'm sure that you'll be able to find out about a lot of other aviation programs there.


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